Effect Message
Abandoned +2 Dexterity "The hands of men may be guided by fate"
Creepy +2 Strength "Strength is bolstered by heavenly faith"
Cryptic Casts Nova and restores mana "Arcane power brings destruction"
Divine Gives two full rejuv potions, or 1 full mana & 1 full healing, and fills mana & life "Drink and be refreshed"
Eerie +2 Magic "Knowledge and wisdom at the cost of self"
Eldritch All Potions become rejuvenation potions "Crimsonand azure become as the sun"
Enchanted -1 to random spell, +1 to all others "Magic is not always what it seems to be"
Fascinating +2 Firebolt, -10% max mana "Intensity comes at the cost of wisdom"
Glimmering Identifies all items in inventory "Mysteries are revealed in the light of reason"
Gloomy +2AC armor and -1 max damage to all weapons "Those who defend seldom attack"
Hidden +10 points to the maximum and current durability to all items, -10 to one "New strength is forged through destruction"
Holy Casts Phasing "Wherever you go, there you are"
Magical Casts Mana Shield "While the spirit is vigilant the body thrives"
Mysterious +5 to one attribute, -1 to all others "Some are weakened as one grows strong"
Ornate +2 Holy Bolt, -10% max mana "Salvation comes at the cost of wisdom"
Quiet +2 Vitality "The essence of life flows from within"
Religious Repairs all items "Time cannot diminish the power of steel"
Sacred +2 Charged Bolt, -10% max mana "Energy comes at the cost of wisdom"
Secluded Complete map of current level "The way is made clear when viewed from above"
Spiritual Fills empty slots in inventory with gold "Riches abound when least expected"
Spooky Restores life and mana of other players You: "Where avarice fails, patience gains reward"
Others: "Blessed by a benevolent companion!"
Stone Recharges all staves "The power of mana refocused renews"
Tainted Other players on current level get +1 to one attribute, -1 to others You: "Those who are last may yet be first"
Others: "Generosity brings its own rewards"
Thaumaturgic Refills chests on current level "What was once opened now is closed"
Weird +1 max damage to all weapons in inventory "The sword of justice is swift and sharp"
Blood Fountain Restores 1 life each time it is used No message
Cauldron Random effect (of true Shrines only) Message related to the effect
Fountain of Tears +1 to one attribute, -1 to another attribute No Message
Goat Shrine Random effect (of true Shrines only) Message related to the effect
Murky Pool Casts infravision No Message
Purifying Spring Restores 1 mana each time it is used No Message

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